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Frequently asked printing questions

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What is digital printing vs. other printing?

Toner is used with digital printing, which lays flat on your paper of choice. All other printing methods require the use of a die or plate.

What is Letterpress, Foiling, Blind Debossing/Embossing?

Letterpress is printed with ink and is done with a polymer die. The colors are softened and a little mottled if the printing field is large. Letterpress presses into the page.

Foiling is created by stamping a metallic or pigmented foil into the page using a metal die. The colors are crisp and it is the only one of our printing techniques that offers a shiny metallic finish. Foiling presses into the page but not as deeply as letterpress.

Blind debossing and embossing create an impression without ink. Blind debossing stamps the impression into the cardstock. Blind embossing works in reverse, it extrudes the image from the cardstock.

Can you Letterpress and Digital Print on the same card?

Yes, we can combine any of our print processes.

Do you color match jobs that have digital and ink printing?

Yes, we want it to match as much as you do. However, some ink colors are easier to match than others. But, the best practice is to be consistent with the printing method across all components.

I have already designed my invitations, can you still print or letterpress them?

Yes! We’re happy to help produce your pre-designed invitations. Use our Custom Artwork product to order.

Can you print on two sides of the invitation, even if it is double thick?

It depends upon the printing process that you are choosing. There are a few options to consider:

Single thickness: we recommend digital printing for single-thickness or a double sided card. If you would like foil on one side, we will minimize the impression of the foil as much as possible so that  it doesn’t make an impression on the reverse side. For foil, it will need to be digitally printed on the reverse side.

Double thickness: for a double-thick card, we cannot print on the reverse side with the exception of a lightly pressed foil print on both sides.

Duplexed card: if you would like Letterpress, Foil Printing or any other specialized print process on both sides, the best way to accomplish that is to print both sides on a single thickness cardstock and then stick them together. This process is called duplexing.

Can I get a proof of my invitation Letterpressed or Foiled?

It would cost virtually the same to create a sample of any card with a special print process as it will to run the entire job, therefore, we only offer digitally printed samples. Digitally printed samples will still show you the final size and layout of your suite.

Are you a broker or do you send the printing out?

We print everything in-house so that we can keep an eye on everything as it goes through the printing process.


Do you have a storefront?

Yes, our brick and mortar is in Bellevue which is near Seattle. If you prefer the experience of ordering your stationery in-person so you can touch and feel the product, you are welcome to make an appointment to talk with one of our wedding specialists. Pricing varies from online pricing.

If you are local and would like to save on shipping, select the ‘pick up at store option’. This is only available for our Bellevue location.

Is it a better deal to order a package or a la carte?

Packages are always a better deal. However if your needs are different from the packages that we offer, a la carte offers more flexibility to craft the suite that is perfect for you.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Yes, on an order of 200 or more, we offer a 20% discount.

Is there a minimum I have to order?

50 is the minimum quantity for invitations; 10 is the minimum quantity for bulk items without printing; 25 is the minimum quantity for printed bulk items.

What if I need more invitations later on?

We have a minimum reorder of 25. If your invitation suite uses a die, there will be another setup and run fee. It is best to order extras at the time of placing your order to avoid incurring additional fees.

Do I have to have my guest addresses at the time of checkout?

No, your guest address list needs to be submitted once you are ready to approve your order for production. Please make sure it is complete prior to submission. Our merge templates do not check for spelling mistakes.

What is the proper way to address my envelopes?

Please review our etiquette page for helpful tips and invitation language.

For addressing, should I use abbreviations or spell out words, like Avenue instead of Ave.? 

You can choose between two routes:

  1. Doing it the way the post office prefers: use abbreviations for road, state, etc.
  2. Doing it the traditional way: write everything out including the road, state, etc.

Keep in mind that we will not change how you populate your form. Be sure to fill out the form how you would like it to print.

Can you help with wording of the invitation?

Visit our etiquette page for some helpful hints on typical invitation language. When you submit your wording, if we see anything that is out of the ordinary, we will be sure to mention it when we email your proofs.

How do I decide what attire to request?

Please visit our etiquette page for descriptions of each attire to help you decide what is appropriate for your event.

How many design edits am I allowed to have during the design process?

We offer 3 rounds of edits with your catalog invitation purchase. Please consolidate your changes when you send them to us. Custom and semi-custom invitation orders will be governed by separate rules.

Will someone check for errors and spelling?
If we see something wrong, we will notify you during the proofing process. However, proofreading and spell checking are the responsibility of the customer. We will do our part in providing you with exquisite design and professionalism, and we ask that you please take the time to ensure that your details and wording are correct BEFORE approving your proof.

Will I get a printed proof of my invitation?

Yes, you can receive one printed proof for an invitation order by requesting one. This service costs $25 and adds to the timeline (5 days for the printed proof plus mailing it to you). We do not being print production until we hear back from you that you approve. Proofs will not include any of our special print processes or special order pieces. Proofs are flat printed (digitally printed).

Why do my invites look different from the digital proof?

Keep in mind that every screen renders color differently. There will always be a difference between what is seen on a screen versus real life.

What are your turnaround times?

Turnaround times vary depending on what you order. The times range from 2 business days to 3 weeks. Here is a list of our timelines:


Envelopes/cardstock – 2 business days

Pouches – 3 business days


Envelopes/liners/cardstock/pouches – 5 business days

Assembly – adds 3 business days


digitally printed – 10 business days

specialty printed – 15 business days

*If your order is proofed, above turnaround times will begin after proof approval

Can you rush an order?

Most of the time we can offer to expedite your order in-house. Rush fees are dependent upon our current workload and the print processes that are present in your job. If you need your order faster than our normal turnaround times, request a quote for a rush order when you are approving your order.

How many invites should I order?

We recommend ordering 10% more or a quantity of five, whichever is the greater number. If you think your guest list will continue to change or you might add a B list, order extras accordingly.

Invite product

Can I order a custom paper that you don’t have?

Yes, we can special order paper and envelopes for you that we don’t currently stock. Please be specific as to what you are looking for and we’ll let you know what we can source and how much additional it will cost.

I want one of your designs, but I want to customize it more than what I can on your website. Can I do that?

Yes! In fact, we love to customize! Please fill out our Custom Quote form and we’ll work with you to create your dream invitations. We like to think that if you can dream it, we can print it!

What size invitations do you offer?

Our catalog size of invitation is a 5×7 which fits into an A7 envelope and is a standard size. We do also have square envelopes however they are not listed in our catalog. If you are interested in a square invite or an alternative size from a 5×7, please fill out our Custom Quote form and let us know what you would like.

On my RSVP, can we have meal choices and event options?

Yes, we can customize your rsvp to list meal choices and event options. Please be as specific as you can when submitting your rsvp wording.

Is it ok if I don’t have an RSVP?

Yes, many people are now moving toward rsvping online. If you chose to do that, we recommend invite/details or invite/two details, which offers a details card/s to give details about how to rsvp in addition to other important wedding information that doesn’t belong on the invitation.

Make sure your online rsvp has the capability to collect the information that you need to have – entree selections, etc.

If you are having a traditional or formal celebration, consider keeping an rsvp card to match your overall wedding style.

Do you offer assembly?

We do offer assembly which is sticking layers together. For example, sticking an invite layer to a backer or a pouch. Assembly is not stuffing. If you add in assembly, you will still need to stuff your invite and other pieces into an envelope. Should you desire to have us stuff as well, we do offer a white glove service. See the Finished Invite questions “Can you mail my invitations for me?”

Can I order in a foreign language?

Yes, please submit a word document separately with your wording typeset into the foreign language. Please also include any font file that is necessary to render the language correctly. As with the rest of the invitation, proofreading and spell checking are your responsibility.

Can my envelopes be something other than white?

Yes, this is our specialty and where Marsupial Papers really shines; we have a huge selection of over 70 colors!

Why can’t I get all the ink options for colored paper and envelopes?

If we are digitally printing your envelopes, the ink color must be darker than the paper color. The only exception to this rule is white ink. You’ll notice if you choose a dark envelope, the only ink option will be white.

Can I get digital files for my invitations or monograms?

Our graphics and monograms are proprietary. Let us know what additional printing you need, we have many vendors to help print a wide range of products.

If you need a graphic or monogram for your website, we can provide a jpg or png with resolution appropriate for web use.

What if I find a typo after I have approved my order?

Contact us ASAP. If we haven’t yet printed or ordered dies, we will fix the error. If we have started production, we will let you know what options are available to you.

Invite-related product

Do you sell tissue for invitations to protect them?

Yes, we sell tissue in a variety of sizes. Shop them all!

Do you offer websites?

We can custom design your website to match your invitation. Prices start at $500. Please fill out our Custom Quote form with details to get a more precise quote.

Do you offer Day-of printing?

Yes, we can help with anything printed! Programs, menus, table numbers, place cards, escort cards, favor tags, thank you notes, seating charts, and more. While we don’t have them listed on our website yet, fill out our Custom Quote form with details and we’ll work with you to design matching day-of pieces.

What if I want an invitation for another occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, or another special event?

We can always help design something for an event other than a wedding. If you find a suitable invite among our catalog, use our normal ordering process and provide the text that is appropriate to your event. If you’d like something custom, fill out our Custom Quote form with as many details as possible.

Finished Product

How much postage do invitations require?

Postage depends upon the weight and size of your invitation suite so there is no set price. We recommend taking your sample invitation to the post office to get them to give you an official postage amount.

Can you mail my invitations for me?

Yes, we do offer white glove service. The price to stuff, stamp and mail is dependent upon the number of pieces in your order and the quantity. Postage is also determined based on the weight and size of your invitation. During the proofing/approval process, contact us if you are interested in our white glove service, and we will give you a quote.

When shipping, do you offer tracking?

Yes, we ship via USPS and UPS and will provide a tracking number for either. We will also require a signature to receive an invitation order. Please consider that when filling out your ship to address – a workplace may be easier to receive than your house. We want to make sure your investment in your invitations is protected!

Do you ship out of the US?

Yes, we ship to Canada.